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Urban Farming

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Next year more people will live in cities than in the countryside for the first time in the history of the human race.

As this urbanisation accelerates, we are faced with unprecedented social and ecological challenges, not least of which is how to feed our growing populations.

Growing food in and around cities and towns is nothing new, but the need for it has never been greater.

Much has been said about the UK's food renaissance, with local food being vaunted as the solution. A more localised food system is certainly more sustainable than the current global system, but what happens if, like many people in the UK, you live in a place where there's little traditional agriculture left? And what happens when the supermarkets take control of the new local food movement and turn it into a marketing frenzy, shutting down any possibility of creating a more equitable and sustainable way of producing and consuming our food.

Locally produced food in itself is only half the answer. Community ownership of farms, small scale food enterprises, street markets, local shops, roof gardens, allotments and community cafes - alternative food networks, owned and managed by the people that live in that place are what we need if we're to transform our food system.

The Food MK report sets out a business plan for an urban farm. It can be downloaded here here

Winter Farmers Markets
Sat 17th Nov
Sat 1st Dec - moving in The Square for one day only as part of the Lantern Festival
Sat 15th Dec
Sat 22nd Dec - extra Xmas date!!!